Important: The easiest way to receive assistance for any issue in regards to LINGOs or eCornell, and eLearning in general, is to email the Talent Development team. This email is answered by members of the TD team on a daily basis. When emailing Talent Development, please be as specific and detailed as possible.

Some things to note:

  • You do not need supervisor approval to take a course. Please register/enroll for your course, and you will receive an email from Talent Development with further instructions.
  • You are only allowed to be enrolled in one (1) eCornell course at any time. Subsequent enrollment requires completion of prior course.
  • eCornell course enrollments require you to send an email to stating: “I understand the strict standards for course completion that MSH adheres to, and will complete my courses either by their due date, or in the absence of a due date, in a timely fashion“.
  • If you are trying to log in for the first time, please click on Log-in/Navigation Help in the top menu bar. Reference instruction for 1st time learners located there.
  • If you are a returning learner who has logged into this site before, and you are looking for your current courses, please click on Hello, (your name) in the upper right corner. Click on Manage My Learning. You will be brought to your personal learning profile.

Other eLearning available to MSH’rs:

The eLearning Page on OLLIE lists other eLearning options you can take advantage of, for example MSH’s custom designed supervision and new hire courses.

MSH recognizes that eLearning is only one way to grow your skills and knowledge. Be sure to explore the other career development resources on OLLIE to learn about other development activities available to you. Also, see the staff development page for MSH’s policy on professional development.