eCornell is the online branch of Cornell University, a world-class Ivy League university. eCornell offers courses and certificate programs in a variety of professional specializations, including Financial Management, Human Resources Management, and Project Leadership and Systems Design.

As an MSH employee, you are offered eCornell courses and professional certifications at no cost to you. An average eCornell certificate would cost an individual $6,000 US Dollars. The greatly reduced cost incurred is covered by the Talent Development department of HR, via our membership to the LINGOs organization, one of the many great benefits offered through our membership in LINGOs.

Quick Facts:

  • Each eCornell course takes 2 weeks to complete
  • You are only allowed to take one course at a time, since they are a serious time commitment
  • An eCornell certificate constitutes about 5-7 hours a week of work, and includes up to 16 courses

Read more about eCornell here.

Learn more about the certificate programs hereTo earn a certificate, simply complete all of the required courses one at a time. Contact the Talent Development team with any specific questions. A course or a certificate is an excellent professional development opportunity, so discuss it with your supervisor!

To enroll in an eCornell course, please click here and browse the course catalog. Please remember that for each eCornell course, you MUST send an email to to confirm that you understand the serious time commitment involved in completing an eCornell course.

  • Click on the link above to access the course catalog.
  • Select Management Sciences for Health from the list of NGOs.
  • Find the course title you would like to take in the catalog.
  • Click Enroll (Select only 1 course at a time; We will not approve more than one course at a time).
  • Review the dates for the course, and choose the one which suits your schedule.
  • Click Add to Cart. You have two weeks to complete this course.
  • Create a log in with your personal information. Decide on a username and password. Please make note of these somewhere safe.
  • Provide the group code.
  • Select that you have Management Sciences for Health as your organization on the payment page. Your payment should total $0.00.