Value for Money Trivia! See if you can answer any of these questions about how MSH learns with LINGOs:


Question: In FY14, 663 employees completed 526 eCornell course and 973 self-guided eCourses.  Guess how much that training would have cost if the employees had paid the vendor directly, rather than taking it through MSH:

  • $4,300 USD
  • $43,000 USD
  • $430,000 USD


Answer: In fact, it was probably more than 430,000!  That’s the minimum MSH would have paid.

Question: Which two of these countries had the highest course usage across MSH worldwide in FY14?

  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • South Africa


Answer: If you guessed the first two, you are right.


Question: How much would it cost someone to purchase the courses required to obtain an eCornell certificate?

  • approximately $2,000 USD
  • approx. $5,000 USD
  • approx. $10,000 USD


Answer: It’s the middle choice.  Cornell is a highly respected institution and a certificate will build a person’s CV regardless of where they work.  But more importantly, learners build knowledge around many relevant work topics, from accounting to coaching to project management.